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I. Separation of Church & State

The secular doctrine of the separation of Church and State is not part of the Church's teaching.  It never has been.  It is not now.  We commend to readers an excellent article by David Palm demonstrating this at the following link to the Seattle Catholic website --

II. Subjectivism & the Historians

We offer for your attention an opinion piece by Australian author Peter Ryan, 'Apologise to Blainey', published in The Australian on 15th December 2005. It damns the subjectivist academics at Melbourne University who contrived the removal from the University of Professor Geoffrey Blainey for daring in 1984 to criticise political correctness in the guise of multiculturalism. His reasonable views have been proved right by the tumultuous events in Sydney in the last week.
See,5744,17569269%255E7583,00.html -- or download an Acrobat version of the piece by following the LINK.

III. Freemasonry & the Church in Brazil

We provide this link to an article on the Seattle Catholic website we commend to our readers entitled: 'The Young Friar and the Emperor', by O. M. Alves.  It deals with the conflict between the Catholic bishops and Freemasons in Brazil in the late 19th century --

IV. The Witness of Pius XII

We attach a link to this fine paper by American writer George J Marlin published on the 51st anniversary of the death of Pope Pius XII on The Catholic Thing.

Also here

V. The Lost Tools of Learning

Dorothy Leigh Sayers (1893-1957) graduated from Oxford in 1916 with first class honours in modern languages and mediaeval literature after which she taught briefly.  Between 1922 and 1931 she worked as an advertising copy writer.  She published a popular series of detective novels featuring the aristocratic sleuth, Lord Peter Wimsey, a series of radio plays, a defence of Christianity and a respected translation of Dante's 'The Divine Comedy'.
In this paper, presented in Oxford in 1947, she demonstrates how society has lost the facility for teaching children to learn, and how to go about repairing the loss.  more

VI. Genesis & Literalism

Fr Peter Joseph has published a commentary on the issue addressed on this website in the paper 'The Schismatic Tendency in Creation Science'.   We attach a link to Fr Joseph's paper on the Servants of St Michael website -

VII. Prophets of our time

When, in the years to come, the Church raises up bishops and popes who recognise the shortcomings of the Second Vatican Council, and acknowledge the great evils which it has produced among the faithful, two men will be recognised for their devotion to the task of its unmasking in the face of overwhelming opposition from the Church’s intelligentia.  They are the Italian theologian (and layman), Romano Amerio, and the English layman, Michael Davies, both now deceased.  Amerio’s work, Iota Unum, published in Italian in 1985, and translated into many languages since[1] , and Davies’ many books, but especially his The Second Vatican Council and Religious Liberty[2], have been standards for those troubled by the theological problems precipitated by the Council.

We are pleased to refer the reader to an article which has just appeared on the chiesa website, the rather clumsily expressed The Defenders of Tradition Want the Infallible Church back, access to which he may obtain via the following link—

It may mark a significant step in the growth in disenchantment with the Second Vatican Council and its determinations.

Michael Baker
13th July 2010

[1]   See Iota Unum, A Study of Changes in the Catholic Church in the XXth Century, trans. from the Second Italian Edition by Rev. Fr John P Parsons, Kansas City, 1996.

[2]   Long Prairie, Minnesota (The Neumann Press), 1992.

VIII. A Theologian's Questions

Visitors to this website will be aware of the position we have adopted, in the face of opposition from members of the Catholic clergy and laity, on the authority of the Second Vatican Council.  The Chiesa website has just published an opinion piece by Canadian theologian John R T Lamont, who has taught at the Catholic Institute of Sydney and at the University of Notre Dame in Australia, which bears on this question—  That paper addresses issues raised by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in respect of the attitude of the Society of St. Pius X to certain determinations of the Second Vatican Council.  We refer it to our readers for their careful consideration.  For those who are content to read it on this website we have reproduced the article in pdf format here.

IX. Hail the Conquering Hero !

Dr John Rao, Associate Professor of History at St Johns’ University, New York, has penned an acerbic commentary on the papal visit to the United States which may interest our readers here - - or here .  He makes points there which we have sought to make on superflumina, albeit with different terminology.

Let us offer up prayers and have Masses offered for Pope Francis at this crucial time.

X. Resistance and Fidelity to the Church in Times of Crisis

This——from Roberto de Mattei is outstanding in its contribution to coping with the current problems in the Vatican.  He makes points we have  been endeavouring to make on Super Flumina Babylonis for the last 10 years, notably, that while the Pope is occasionally infallible he is not indefectible, but God’s Holy Church is always infallible and indefectible. Those who wish to do so may read the article here.

XI. Considerations on the Dubia of the Four Cardinals

This——by John R T Lamont addressing the issues raised by Pope Francis’s refusal to address the Dubia offered by Cardinals, Brandmüller, Burke, Caffarra and Meisner concerning Amoris Laetitia, serves as a companion piece to the paper of Robert de Mattei published here a week or so ago.  Those wishing to do so may read the article here.

XII. On the Formal Correction of Pope Francis

This paper by John Lamont is an admirable analysis of the historical reasons why many Catholics seem to be paralysed over the correct attitude to take to the errors of their superiors, bishops, priests and even popes.  It may be viewed at   For those who wish, a slightly amended version may be viewed as a pdf file here.