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I. Atheism's Great Cosmogenic Myth

Darwinian evolution is atheism's response to God's revelation of His creation.  Unproven and unprovable, it is founded on nothing more than assertion.   more

II. Galloping Atheism

25 years ago Australia was, at least nominally, a Christian country.  Now it is predominantly atheist.  more

III. Lent and Paddy McGuinness

Atheist journalist Paddy McGuinness died just 10 days prior to Lent 2008. He had early forsaken the religion of his youth, Catholicism. Almighty God constrains no man's freedom.  Each of us must choose his path, to walk with God, or without Him.  more

IV. The Pompous Atheist

29th September 2008-Feast of Sts Michael, Gabriel and Raphael - This article, a response to the atheistic rantings of the retiring editor of the Australian journal, Quadrant, Padraic Pearse McGuinness, was offered to the journal for publication in December last year.  Regrettably, McGuinness died just one month later.  Quadrant's editorial committee has not seen fit to publish it.  De mortuis nihil nisi bonum.  more

V. Pity the Poor Atheist

This paper was originally published in 2008 but was mislaid.  We republish it now without alteration.  The truths it proclaims have not altered.  more

VI. The One Necessary Encyclical

This is a recasting with slight amendments of a paper published in August 2009 inviting His Holiness to address the one intellectual issue that presses mankind in the modern world.  more

VII. Dear Reader of the Wall Street Journal

The so-called debate between Richard Dawkins and Karen Armstrong on the topic "Where does evolution leave God" was a fraud. more

VIII. An Atheist Approaches His End

In his novel, 'The Remorseful Day', English Crime writer Colin Dexter, creator of the celebrated Inspector Morse, does something unusual in the genre, he kills off his hero.  more

IX. The Tsunami & Secular Humanists

The tsunami of Boxing Day 2004 shook the security of the secular humanists. There is no security for those who deny the existence of God.  more

X. Cause of the Descent into Atheism

A recent article on 'The Catholic Thing' website prompts us to raise once more the problematic effects of the Declaration on Religious Liberty of the Second Vatican Council. more

XI. The Abuse of Women & Atheism

Former Australian senator, Natasha Stott Despoja has complained that violence against women and children in Australia has reached epidemic proportions.  No doubt she is right.  But she, and her views, are major contributors to the problem.  more

XII. Scrutiny of 'Gunning for God'

This is a commentary on Dr John C Lennox's recent book attacking arguments advanced by atheists.  more

XIII. The State of New South Wales

In the afflictions it is currently experiencing the Australian State is suffering the inevitable effects of its citizens’ subservience to atheism’s mindless tenets.  more

XIV. Year 2020 : What are We to do About These Atheists?

Here is our opening salvo for 2020.  The reader will find it a bit crude in parts, deliberately so to reinforce the point about atheism’s moral regime and the harm it has produced and, unless something is done to stop it, will continue to do to the individual and to society.  more

XV.  “The Very Air We Breathe is Given to Us”

The late Stan Arniel uttered something very profound in an interview some 30 years ago which we ought to take to heart in these frightful times.  more

XVI. Do Follows Be

The principle contained in this maxim is fundamental to common sense and to sound philosophy.  Mention of it leads to a consideration of nature and the natural order that constrains us.  more

XVIII. St Joseph & The Voluntary

A thoughtful paper by Dr Peter Kwasniewski has provoked this article on St Joseph.  more

XIX. The Price of Atheism

The blind attachment to ‘progress’ in the modern world assumes that progress is always for the better.  Its proponents fail to understand the threshold issue that every progress is measured by its term.  Where is the modern world’s dalliance with atheism leading it?  That is the question that demands an answer.  more

XX. Love & the Atheist

The atheist lives in contradiction to the gifts he has been given.  The great tragedy is that he bequeaths to his children the fruits of his own folly.  more

XXI. All Time Belongs to Him

Recent events have seen a pause in the atheistic charge.  Will it last?  We are betrayed by our leaders at every level, particularly at the religious.  Divine Providence has intervened for the moment as if to call us to wake up to ourselves, before time runs out.  more

XXII. The Hubris of Atheism's High Priest

Victorians ought to be gravely concerned at the prospect of another four years of the Atheistic, er, Labor Party governing them.  more

XXIII. The Drug of Unbelief

Actions have consequences.  It is remarkable how incapable the populace is of seeing the necessary effects of their embrace of the protocols of atheism.  Here is the true opiate of the masses.  more

XXIV. Consequences of Australia's Embrace of Atheism

It might be said that Australia has lapsed into atheism rather than deliberately chosen it.  But the price of liberty is eternal vigilance and the country's general attitude of laissez-faire will not cut it.  more