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Australia's Catholic Bishops

I. Their Duty To All Australians

Almighty God made all men, not just Catholics and he set up his Church as the means of salvation for all. more

II. A Philosophical Problem

Australia's Catholic Bishops fail consistently to deal with attacks of faith and morals. Why? Because they are infected with the spirit of the age. What is the source of that 'spirit'? Modern philosophy. How does it affect Catholics? Through a heresy called Modernism. more

III. Naivety in the Church of Christ

On 1st April 2004 Cardinal Pell allowed a Muslim cleric to preach in Sydney's St Mary's Cathedral in the name of world peace to a gathering of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and non-believers. Three insults were given Almighty God at this gathering: the Church He instituted was denied; the Cross, the instrument of our salvation was denied; and the Eucharist, the Sacrament of our salvation was denied. more

IV. George Cardinal Pell

There are problems with the orthodoxy of Sydney's Cardinal Pell. In 1998 he denied that Christ was physically present in the Eucharist and asserted that Sacred Scripture contains errors and misunderstandings. His comments more recently provide no ground for hope that he may have resiled from those views. more

V. Canberra-Goulburn's Archbishop Carroll

Archbishop Francis Carroll sought to replace Sunday Mass throughout his Archdiocese on 16th May 2004 and its vigil with 'lay led liturgies and communion services.  He thought a local 'Synod' justified this suspension of the Church's law of compulsory attendance for Catholics at Sunday Mass.  His action flew in the face of what Pope John Paul II had said to him and his fellow Australian bishops on 26th March 2004 during their ad limina visit to Rome. It contradicted the Church's norms confirmed in Redemptionis Sacramentum, an Instruction on matters to be observed in regard to the Eucharist, issued on 25th March 2004. Rome was not impressed. more

VI. Catholic Education & Moral Matters

There are deep seated problems with Australia's Catholic bishops over their responsibilities as shepherds and teachers of the Catholic faithful in respect of two fundamental matters -- Catholic education and morality. They fail comprehensively when it comes to standing up in public for Catholic principle. more

VII. The Bishops & Catholics who vote 'Labor'

Because of its policy on abortion, no Catholic with a properly instructed conscience, could vote for the ALP. more

VIII. Abortion––What the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference should say, but won't

Recently the Australian Catholic bishops issued a media release entitled "Catholic Bishops propose abortion alternatives". One might say of this statement what one of Spike Milligan's characters in the Goon Show once said: "It was the least we could do. A quantity we specialise in." If you want to see what the ACBC should say, and do, on abortion read this. more

IX. Contraception––What the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference should say, but won't

If our bishops were truly Catholic they would stand up publicly for Catholic principle on the issue of contraception.  They would set forth for all Australian people - not just Catholics - what the principles are and what they may, and may not, licitly do.  The bishops would not persist, as they have for more than 30 years, in the poisonous attitude of remaining silent when bound, by the oaths of office they have taken, to uphold true moral teaching. more

X. IVF––What the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference should say, but won't

IVF is the inevitable result of the entrenching in society of the contraceptive mentality. Australia's Catholic bishops have remained silent on contraception. Consistently with this failure, they have failed to condemn IVF. What statement should they now make in an endeavour to redress their failures and to redeem themselves?" more

XI. Australia's Bishops & 'Climate Change'

On 19th November last the newspapers reported the issue of a landmark 'position paper' by Australia's Catholic bishops on 'climate change'. Its effect, according to one journalist, was that Australia's Catholics were as morally bound to combat the loss of biodiveristy now as they were to protect the rights of the unborn child. The 'position paper' adopts a philosophy which is not that of the Catholic Church. While it quotes Pope John Paul, it fails to do justice to his teaching that at the heart of the environmental problem is the problem of human immorality, particularly, the loss of respect for life. Moreover, contrary to the impression conveyed, more than a quarter of Australia's bishops did NOT endorse the 'position paper'. more

XII. Bishop Robinson's Heresy

Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, former auxiliary bishop of Sydney, has formalised his lapse into heresy in a book, "Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church".  The book is likely to cause the loss of faith of many. The Church's faithful would be well advised not to dismiss it lightly. more

XIII. Journalist Greg Sheridan & Australia's Bishops

On 7th April, 2016, yet another Catholic public figure, Greg Sheridan, in The Australian newspaper, publicly rejected the stand of Christ's Church on marriage as he lent support to the secular mood for 'same-sex' marriage.   The poor example given by Australia’s bishops may go some way to excusing his public lapse from adherence to Catholic principle.  more

XIV. The Betrayal of Marriage by Australia's Catholic Bishops & Mr Turnbull's Plebiscite

The ideological circus surrounding attempts to modify the reality of marriage by altering Australian law to “redefine” it to include the “marriage of homosexuals” is in full swing.  We are to vote on the issue, for heaven’s sake !   An understanding of what is at stake has been comprehensively obscured by the neglect and irresponsibility of Australia’s Catholic bishops.  more

XV. The Australian Catholic Bishops Plenary Council—Take Two

This is a recasting of our submission on the coming ‘Plenary Council’ following the revelation that the tendentious list of submissions appearing on the Council’s website did not have the bishops’ approval.  more

XVI. Why Can't We Attend Mass and Receive the Sacraments?

The weak conduct of Australia’s bishops as shepherds of the faithful over the last 40 years has continued with their ineffectual response to the challenge of the Corona virus.  more

XVII. Governance of the Catholic Church in Australia

This is a criticism of the Response of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference to a 200 page report by a team, consisting mainly of lay people, on ‘the future governance of the Catholic Church in Australia’.  It reflects not so much on the Catholic Church as on its counterfeit, ‘the Synodal church of Vatican II’, established after the close of the Council, of which our bishops are functionaries.  The inability to distinguish their conduct as bishops from their conduct as functionaries of this counterfeit will lead inevitably to harm to the Church and the Catholic faithful. more

XVIII. Australia's Bishops' Crisis of Loyalty

Many of Australia's Catholics became aware of an initiative taken by six priests from different dioceses around the country on September 14th, 2021, to publish a statement of Catholic principle respecting the issues confronting the faithful in their care as a result of the current viral crisis.  One may gather that they had been driven to the task by the signal failure of Australia's bishops to provide necessary leadership.  On the morning of September 22nd, the morning, it will be recalled, when Australia suffered her biggest earthquake since settlement by the British in the 18th Century, the bishops intervened and quashed the priests' initiative.  Why?   more

XIX. Australia's Bishops' Crisis of Loyalty - Part II

There is another, and more insidious, reason why Australia's bishops moved to suppress the Statement upholding the Church's teachings in faith and morals by some 75 of their priests.  (This is a revised version of the paper.  It addresses some valid criticisms of its expression.)  more

XX. Australia's Catholic Bishops on the Coming Election

The President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has released an 'Election Statement'.  This is our criticism.  more

XXI. Why Are Our Bishops Such Cowards?

A dozen issues arise every week where a truly Catholic bishop would offer commentary to prevent the flourishing of error in society.  Yet faithful and unfaithful alike hear nothing.  Why?  more

XXII. The 'Plenary Council' Circus

Australia's bishops are betraying their oaths of office in attempting to lead the Catholic faithful to embrace the protocols of Modernism.  They are not working for Christ and His Church but for a counterfeit entity inspired by the devil.  more

XXIII. Our Allegedly Catholic Bishops

Are Australia's bishops Catholics?  Or are they Modernists?  more