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Novus Ordo

I. What's Wrong with the Novus Ordo

The indifferent way in which the novus ordo of the Mass is celebrated is testimony to the problems built into the rite.  more

II. What's Wrong with the Novus Ordo—Part II

The defects in the provenance of the novus ordo are easy to discover.   But to appreciate just how appalling the new rite is the reader MUST attend Mass in its original solemnity.  more

III. What's Wrong with the Novus Ordo—Part III

The events of Holy Week 2019 provide further evidence of the shortcomings of the new rite.  more

IV. The Status of the Novus Ordo Missae

A recent discovery of tapes of the late Fr Gregory Hesse S.T.D., S.J.D. has precipitated this addendum to the arguments against the novus ordo rite of celebration of Mass.  Previous papers on this website attacked the rite through its effects.  This paper looks at its causes and finds them bereft of any legitimacy. This paper was published in February 2021.  We have amended it on the advice of Dr Peter Kwasniewski to include the argument of Fr Hesse that the fact that three of Pius V’s successors endorsed, and did not replace, his Bull demonstrates that they agreed with his assertion that Quo primum was irreformable. more

V. Nemesis & the Novus Ordo

The organisation Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce has performed for the Catholic Church and the Catholic faithful a singular service in providing a report of statistics from around the world on the impact of the old rite, or extraordinary form, of Mass among the Church’s dioceses.  This is a comment on an article by its Secretary, Dr Joseph Shaw in the Homiletic & Pastoral Review detailing the results of the statistics.  more

VI.  The Trouble with Summorum Pontificum

There is agitation abroad among orthodox Catholics over what Pope Francis may attempt to do to Pope Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Letter Summorum Pontificum.   This analysis of Pope Pius V’s Bull Quo primum (1570) may relieve their concerns.  The lesson it teaches is this: put not your trust in Pope Benedict, and even less in his successor!  more

VII. Traditionis Custodes

The clue to a right interpretation of Pope Francis’s motu proprio, which endeavours to stifle the Roman Rite of Mass laid down by Pope Pius V, lies in its title.  more

VIII. The Schismatic Pope

A schismatic act is an act against the unity of the Church.  Whether Pope Francis is a heretic remains open to debate.  But Traditionis Custodes proves he is a formal schismatic, for his motu proprio attacks the unity of the Church.  more