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I. The Majesty of Creation

We know God through His effects.  Those effects are multitude; their intricacy a constant source of wonder.  For those whose minds are not stultified by secular humanism, the world as Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote, is charged with the grandeur of God. more

II. Creation Rediscovered

Gerard Keane in his work Creation Rediscovered, and Hugh Owen of the Kolbe Center, have done admirable work in exposing the errors in the evolutionary thesis.  I differ from them on one essential point, their approach to the Church's teaching on creation.  I set out here the differences between us and the reasons why I differ from them.  more

III.  Genesis and Literalism

This paper, by Australian theologian, Fr Peter Joseph, was written in 2006 to answer certain of the claims made by an Australian, the late Gerard Keane, and by Hugh Owen of the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation, an American based organisation.  Fr Joseph has given permission for its publication on this website.  more

IV. St Augustine & St Thomas on Creation

This is my analysis of the teachings of St Augustine and of St Thomas Aquinas on the interpretation of Genesis 1. The dilemma between creation instantaneously (in the beginning of time), and creation over the six days, is solved by St Thomas. Moreover, his teaching taken with the Church's rulings on interpretation solves the second dilemma, that between revelation and modern science. more

V. The Schismatic Tendency in ‘Creation Science’

'Creation Science', the naive assertion that Christian believers are bound to hold that the universe was created only 6,000 years ago, is a Protestant thing.  The Catholic Church leaves the believer free to regard the Hebrew word 'Yom' (day) as indicating either a natural day, or an indefinite space of time.  The adoption by Catholics of the Creation Science view presents real dangers to their faith. more

VI. Decoding David Attenborough

No one has done more to bring home to us the wonders of the natural world than Sir David Attenborough. The clarity of his films has not, however, been matched with clarity in intellectual analysis of what they show. One must forever be disentangling from the realities portrayed, his simplistic views. This paper is designed to assist the viewer in the task. more

VII. Cause of the Beautiful

If there is beauty in the world, there must necessarily be a cause of it. more

VIII. Design in Nature

Dr Michael Denton's 'Nature's Destiny' is a compelling study from a scientific point of view of the evidence for design in nature. more

IX. Shaking the Darwinian Foundations

The second of two articles on evolutionary theory, this one considers Dr Michael Denton's two books on the subject and criticises the logic of his position.  It contrasts with it that of Aristotle and St Thomas, and the Catholic position. more

X. Atheism's Great Cosmogenic Myth

Darwinian evolution is atheism's response to God's revelation of His creation.  Unproven and unprovable, it is founded on nothing more than assertion.   more

XI. Science and Aristotle's Aether

In 2004, American philosopher, Christopher A Decaen, published in 'The Thomist' a remarkable paper on Aristotle's aether.  This commentary on what he had to say there is an attempt to develop the consequences of Aristotle's thought - as refined by St Thomas Aquinas - in the light of modern science.

This is a substantial revision of the commentary which appeared on this website on 25th May 2008.  more

XII. Further Thoughts on Aristotle's Aether

A further short commentary on the thesis advanced in 'Science And Aristotle's Aether'.  more