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Moral Issues

I. The Truth about Condoms–Response to Rhonheimer's Article in The Tablet

The condom has an inbuilt ordination to immoral activity. So many moral theologians seem to be incapable of grasping moral principle, among them The Tablet's Martin Rhonheimer. more

II. Condoms as Weapons of Self Defence

The President of the Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers has endorsed the use of condoms as weapons of self defence! His reasoning leaves much to be desired. more

III. Isn't a Condom Something like a Crash Helmet?

Well, isn't it? Isn't the preservation of one's life the most important thing? No. Not if it involves a breach of the moral law. more

IV. Is it Licit for a Woman to 'Adopt' a Frozen Embryo?

The answer to this question is, in our view, 'No'.  Here is the argument. Its thrust is subject to the formal ruling of the Church on the question. more

V. Common Ground?

This is a review of the book "Common Ground?", a collection of essays dealing with abortion and 'sex education' published in 2007.  The seven contributors are all Catholics involved in the field of bioethics; the editors are Fr John Fleming and Nicholas Tonti-Filippini.  The views of the majority of the contributors are, we argue, fundamentally defective.  more

VI. Christopher Pearson's Moral Theology

Catholic journalist, Christopher Pearson, demonstrates a defective understanding of the Church's teaching on human life.  more

VII. Suicide

In view of the appalling loss of life caused by the destruction of Germanwings flight 9525 on 24th March in the French Alps by the co-pilot, it seemed appropriate for us to put up again a paper published here in February 2010.  more

VIII-IX. The Pope and the Question of 'Condoms'

This is the republication of two papers published in 2010 and updated in 2013 in consequence of certain remarks by the then pope, Benedict XVI, to the effect that the use of a ‘condom’ in certain circumstances might be ‘a first step towards a moralisation’.   The principle to which the remarks refer, that one may do evil if some good may come of it, is in breach of the Church’s constant teaching.   more

X. Worrying Times for Christ's Faithful People

We criticise here the views of respected Catholic commentator, George Weigel, and the content of the Note of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on the words of the Pope in 'Luce del Mondo'. more

XI. The Morality of Preserving Human Embryos

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has issued two Instructions on bioethical questions, Donum Vitae (22.2.1987) and Dignitas Personae (8.9.2008).  This paper deals with an important issue dealt with in those papers, whether there is any solution to the question what is to be done with the multitude of human embryos preserved cryogenically.  The Congregation denies there is a solution: but the Congregation is wrong; there is a solution.  more

XII.The Suicide of Peter Roebuck

Respected cricket commentator and writer, Peter Roebuck, killed himself in South Africa recently.  No writer seems to have considered the critical issues his death raises. more

XIII. About Fr John C Ford SJ

Germain Grizez has published on his website at a short biography of one of the theologian heroes of the 1960s, Fr John Cuthbert Ford SJ.  We have reproduced the same article in Word format with a short commentary for those who wish to view it here. more

XIV.The Nonsense of ‘Gay Marriage’

Homosexuals cannot marry and any ‘law’ that says a union between them amounts to marriage has about as much effect as a ‘law’ directing the sun not to rise.  more

XV. All Our Problems Began Over A Marriage

We consider the recent Australian High Court decision disallowing the legislation of the Australian Capital Territory parliament permitting ‘gay marriage’.  more

XVI. 85th Anniversary of Casti Connubii

Pius XI penned this detailed encyclical in response to the disaster of the embrace by the Lambeth Conference of the Church of England in August 1930 of contraception.  more


XVII. The Stupidity of Voting on ‘Gay Marriage’

What marriage is, its essence, is of nature, not of human will.  It follows that no matter what men may think, they can’t alter it.  more

XVIII. The Normalisation of Deviance

The attempt to legitimise sodomy and lesbianism in Australia may be fittingly compared with the abandonment of adherence to rules and practices critical to air safety.  The label adopted in the flying community for the latter seems an appropriate one to apply to the legislative push.  more

XIX. Morality & Legality

Morality is not the same as legality, nor is legality identical with morality.  more

XX. A Great Result for Those Who Wish to Continue Killing the Innocent

Australia’s High Court has rejected the appeals against conviction of two people whose only offence was that they sought to dissuade a woman from aborting her unborn child.  more

XXI. Women in Defence…

The following is a link to the authoritative article (cited by Don Pietro Leone) by 86 women around the world opposing any use of vaccines that rely in any way on elements of the bodies of aborted children—

XXII. The Vaccines & the Principle of the Double Effect

This is a technical paper which weighs tainted vaccines against moral principle.  more

XXIII. Commentary on Opinion of Fr A Selegny

This is a commentary, and analysis, of the position taken by the Society of St Pius X in the United States on the question of the licitness of being injected with vaccines tainted with elements of the bodies of aborted babies.  more

XXIV. The Morality of Vaccines Derived from Cells of Aborted Children

This paper addresses the vexed question set forth in the title.  It invokes the authority of five of the Church’s bishops and the theologian Don Pietro Leone in support of a negative answer.  It provides reasons why Catholics cannot rely on advice emanating from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.The paper has been amended slightly to clear up the point whether a vaccine may be morally licit that uses cells derived from an aborted child in its testing phase only.  more

XXV. The Infinite Dignity of the Person—An Answer to Roberto De Mattei

Italian Professor of History, Roberto de Mattei, has published a long screed defending the use of vaccines tainted by cells taken from aborted children.  This is our answer.  more

XXVI. Dear Archbishop Fisher

We publish here a letter from the writer to Anthony Fisher, Archbishop of Sydney, in response to a Pastoral Letter to his bishops and clergy urging them to undertake vaccination against the Covid-19 virus.  We have advised the Archbishop that we will publish any response to the letter he may care to send.  more

XXVII. Penalising the Unvaccinated

Is the State entitled to punish those who refuse to embrace vaccination with the Covid-19 vaccines on offer by limiting their rights to access to services generally available to the public?  more

XXVIII. Don't Mention the Vaccine!

The 'vaccines', the chickens, foisted on the public by know-all governments and their instrumentalities are coming home to roost.  Some may be comprehended under an acronym which seems entirely appropriate, 'SADS'.  more

XXIX. The Science, Morality & Safety of Vaccines

This book by American Catholic Master of Science, Pamela Acker, ought to be compulsory reading for all in the present pandemic of irrationality over the need to undergo vaccination.  more

XXX. The Seeds of the Crisis

Much has been written on the state in which Australians find themselves as a result or the incompetence of governments and their bureaucrats in addressing the impact of the Corona virus.  Here is an an analysis from a philosophical point of view.  more