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Pope Francis

I. Cleansing the Augean Stables of the Church

The revelations by the former Papal Nuncio Archbishop Vigano published on 22nd August, a feast of Our Blessed Lady, have rocked the Catholic community.† Here is our comment on the crisis.† more

II. The Pope & Thomas Merton: Centrality of the Will

Pope Francis and his followers in the Amazon are emulating the errors of Thomas Merton.† more

III. Archbishop Vigano on the Syncretism of Pope Francis

We reproduce here a recent paper by the retired papal nuncio to the the United States linking the conduct of Pope Francis to errors promulgated
by Vatican II.† more

IV. Canonisation Under the Current Regime

Much has been written recently about the Pope Francisís canonisation of Paul VI and the theological burden for the faithful it involves.† more

V. A Breath of Fresh Air

Five bishops, two of them Cardinals, have issued a Declaration of truths relating to some of the most common errors in the life of the Church of our time.† The document rejects positions taken by Pope Francis in theological and moral matters and his endeavours to have Christís Church conform to the zeitgeist.† more

VI. The Call for the Bishops to Act

In their Open letter to the bishops of the Catholic Church a number of clerical, religious and lay members of the faithful throughout the world have urged the Churchís bishops to grasp the nettle of Pope Francisís heretical views, to weigh them against Catholic truth and to act.† This is our comment on the initiative.† The letter ought inspire our Mass intentions and our prayers for the good of Christís Church.† more

VII. The Pope's Easter Message: An Exercise in Ineptitude

The Pope is not the head of some merely secular institution but of the one institution on earth established by Almighty God for manís salvation.† What should he have said in his Easter message?† more