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I. The SSPX and Covid 19 Vaccinations

 This article replaces the Commentary on the Opinion of Fr Selegny published on this website on May 17th.  It refines the argument against the position advocated by Fr Selegny and posted as representing that of the Society.  It addresses certain issues raised in discussions with a member of the Society.  more

II. The Moral Issue on Vaccination: Another Attempt at Justification by the SSPX

We respond to a further offering from the US website of the SSPX endeavouring to justify the unjustifiable.  more

III. Key to SSPX Obduracy on Tainted Vaccines

In this paper we expose the reason why one cannot persuade the Society of St Pius X or its priests of the error in their published position on tainted vaccines.  more

IV. The Faithful who Attend the SSPX

Pope Francis's apostolic letter Traditionis Custodes has precipitated a flurry of indignation from those who refuse to attend Mass other than in accordance with the law set forth by Pius V in Quo primum.  The contrivance of 'dubia' about its application and their 'resolution' with the Pope's consent on December 18th last have brought the indignation to fever pitch.  Who knows how this will affect the availability of Mass from the FSSP.  If one is unable to find a priest within the Church's mission to celebrate Mass as it should be celebrated, is one entitled to attend a priest of the Society of St Pius X?  more