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I. The Problem with Vatican II

This is a book length pdf file comprised of various papers published on superflumina on the vexed topic of the Second Vatican Council.  The reader can download it freely.  He can navigate via the Index to any of its chapters.  He can have his computer read the text aloud while he labours at some task in the house, or as he drives the car.  It is hoped to produce it in several additional ebook formats in due course.  more

II. How the Universe Operates

This is an ebook in pdf format which encapsulates the content of various papers on this website.  It takes the facts about the universe and its operations exposed by modern science and analyses them in accordance with a metaphysical, rather than materialistic, view of the universe; that is, one grounded in Aristotle’s doctrine of causality and his division of being into substance and accidents.
We are all of us affected by the current philosophical errors—materialism and subjectivism—and tend to view the universe through the eyes of modern science in conformity with those errors.  The view propounded here is radically different from modern science’s view.  In particular, it addresses the nonsense of a self-existent ‘nothing’—a scientific view grounded in the imagination rather than in reality; the remarkable fact that the heavenly bodies operate in a fashion which is the reverse of the way bodies operate under gravity’s influence; that gravity is NOT caused by a species of attraction but by a force of repulsion; and that, consistent with this view, the phenomenon of the tides is readily explained by the barycentripetal force of the Earth-Moon coupling.  Its most radical assertion is that c, ‘the speed of light’, is not the speed of light at all, but the speed according to which light’s proper substance, Aristotle’s ‘heavenly body’ or aether, dictates that light (and all other electromagnetic forces) shall operate.  more

 III. The Pompous Atheist

This ebook addresses the endemic modern problem of atheism—belief in no-God.  Atheists assert that they are above superstition, the ‘superstition’ of religious belief, but it is not true.  Not only are they believers, they are believers without the slightest evidence of that in which they believe.  They are the real exponents of ‘religious liberty’ for they insist on the freedom to believe there is no God.  Their every action involves acceptance of causation.  But, obsessed with an idea, they choose to deny causations’s reality when it comes to their own essence and existence.  In this series of essays we have endeavoured to make it plain just how stupid is the atheistic thesis.
It is reasonable to believe in God, no matter how confused one’s belief may be.  The fundamental issues are these: 1. I did not bring myself into existence; 2.  I do not keep myself in existence; 3.  in this world of reality I am one of the privileged beings for not only do I know singular things, like brute animals, but I know their very natures;  4. nothing exists without an adequate cause—and that includes me!  Moreover, 5. the one who caused me must be living and intellectual, as I am living and intellectual—but an immensely greater being.
It is hoped that the presentation of these essays will assist the reader in resisting the temptation to embrace the atheistic virus.  more