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I. Design in Nature

Dr Michael Denton's 'Nature's Destiny' is a compelling study from a scientific point of view of the evidence for design in nature. more

II. Atheism's Great Cosmogenic Myth

Darwinian evolution is atheism's response to God's revelation of His creation.  Unproven and unprovable, it is founded on nothing more than assertion.   more

III. Shaking the Darwinian Foundations

The second of two articles on evolutionary theory, this one considers Dr Michael Denton's two books on the subject and criticises the logic of his position.  It contrasts with it that of Aristotle and St Thomas, and the Catholic position. more

IV. Cardinal Schonborn's "Chance or Purpose?"

Cardinal Schonborn has set out his position on evolution following the short article he wrote for the New York Times in July 2005.  This article reviews his work.  more

V. Cardinal Schonborn's "Chance or Purpose?"—A Query

A reader has raised a thoughtful query on the thesis in our review of Cardinal Schonborn's book.  The answer involves a careful consideration of act and potency.  more

VI. Decoding David Attenborough

No one has done more to bring home to us the wonders of the natural world than Sir David Attenborough. The clarity of his films has not, however, been matched with clarity in intellectual analysis of what they show. One must forever be disentangling from the realities portrayed, his simplistic views. This paper is designed to assist the viewer in the task. more

VII. Two Conferences on Evolution

In late February, early March, this year there were two conferences on 'evolution' in Rome.  Each, in its own way, departed from the truth.  more

VIII. The Materialist has a Problem with Time

Because he denies that there is any cause but matter, the materialist places a burden on time that it cannot bear.  more

IX. Evolution is Impossible

There have been endeavours to prove the falsity of Darwin's theory from facts.  Here is a proof from principle.  more