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I. Subjectivism & the Historians

We offer for your attention an opinion piece by Australian author Peter Ryan, 'Apologise to Blainey', published in The Australian on 15th December 2005. It damns the subjectivist academics at Melbourne University who contrived the removal from the University of Professor Geoffrey Blainey for daring in 1984 to criticise political correctness in the guise of multiculturalism. His reasonable views have been proved right by the tumultuous events in Sydney in the last week.
The original article at,5744,17569269%255E7583,00.html is no longer available, download an Acrobat version of the piece by following the LINK.

II. Subjectivism & the High Court

The great vice of the age is subjectivism, the habit of mind that says what matters is not reality, but what I think about reality. When the subjectivist mentality comes to be adopted by someone in a position of power, such as a judge of ultimate appeal, the results are enormously damaging for society. more

III. Subjectivism & The Death Wish

Australian society seems incapable of dispassionate intellectual analysis of the great moral issues. It's going mad: literally! On the one hand, it stirs itself to anger over the imposition of the death penalty on a guilty man. On the other, it refuses to acknowledge the reality of the pernicious drug RU 486 -- the imposition of the death penalty on the innocent unborn.
Time is running out for the Lucky Country. more

IV. Subjectivism & Education

We offer for your attention an opinion piece by former art critic for The Spectator, Giles Auty, published in The Australian on 3rd February 2006.  The article reminds us of the harm being done in a crucial area of society, the education of our children and young adults.  What Auty refers to as 'politicisation of classroom and lecture theatre'  is nothing but subjectivism in education, ideology masquerading as knowledge.  Modern philosophy has a great deal to answer for.,5744,18020518%255E7583,00.html  

V. Subjectivism's 'Moral Evils'

Subjectivism inverts the understanding of truth - claiming that truth is not measured by reality but by human opinion.  Its followers have introduced novel legislation grounded in ideology, to the harm of all.  more

VI. Life under the Bane of Subjectivism

This is a conflation in one paper of three papers published successively in 2010, corrected for minor errors and brought up to date.  more

VII. The Pope & the Perils of Subjectivism

This is our response to the report that Pope Francis has issued a rescript asserting that his interpretation of the questionable passages in Amoris Laetitia is an exercise of the Church’s authentic magisterium.  more