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I. Fr McGavin & the Coming Synod

Fr Paul-Anthony McGavin, an Australian theologian, has written a paper in an endeavour to assist in resolving the dilemma between the Churchís praxis and the call for the divorced and remarried to be admitted to the Eucharist.† His theology is more than problematic ; it is fundamentally defective.† more

II. McGavin Again

Fr Paul-Anthony McGavin has published a further paper promoting his dysfunctional views about Christís and the Churchís teaching on marriage.† more

III. Errors of Our Recently Canonised Popes

Recent commentary on the internet has brought into focus certain errors of our lately canonised popes.† more

IV. Cleansing the Augean Stables of the Church

The revelations by the former Papal Nuncio Archbishop Vigano published on 22nd August, a feast of Our Blessed Lady, have rocked the Catholic community.† Here is our comment on the crisis.† more

V. The Pope & Thomas Merton: Centrality of the Will

Pope Francis and his followers in the Amazon are emulating the errors of Thomas Merton.† more

VI. Archbishop Vigano on the Syncretism of Pope Francis

We reproduce here a recent paper by the retired papal nuncio to the the United States linking the conduct of Pope Francis to errors promulgated
by Vatican II.† more

VII. The Seal of the Confessional

The Catholic Sacrament of Penance is under attack from atheistic forces using the hard case of the sexual abuse of children.† We set out here the principles including the utter necessity of silence on the part of the Confessor-priest over what he has been told in Confession.† more

VIII. Are Good & Evil No More Than Dictates of the Divine Whimsy?

This is a commentary on two crucial aspects of a recent paper by John R T Lamont, Tyranny and sexual abuse in the Catholic Church: a Jesuit Tragedy, namely, the right understanding of the powers of intellect and will, and of the sources of good and evil.† more

IX. Abdication ?

We reproduce here the latest comment from Archbishop Vigano on Pope Francisís heterodox words and actions and ask the question whether the Pope has not abdicated de facto, if not de jure, the papal office.† more

X. The Trinity Reflected in Man

God made man in His own image and likeness.† Careful consideration shows just how closely we reflect the Divine Being.† more

XI. Dear Archbishop Fisher

We publish here a letter from the writer to Anthony Fisher, Archbishop of Sydney, in response to a Pastoral Letter to his bishops and clergy urging them to undertake vaccination against the Covid-19 virus.† We have advised the Archbishop that we will publish any response to the letter he may care to send.† more

XII. God & Man in His Image and Likeness

We know something of God's nature by what He has revealed.† We can arrive, too, at some understanding of how it is that man is created in God's image and likeness.† more

XIII. Alpha & Omega

Christ is our beginning and our end.† When the Jews asked him: 'Who art thou?'† He replied: 'The Beginning...'† Christ's Church makes His answer plain in her ceremony with the Easter Candle.† more

XIV. Introduction to Auctorem Fidei

This is the text of Pius VI's introduction to his condemnation of some 84 propositions of the Synod of Pistoia.† more

XV. Paul VI of Most Infelicitous Memory...

Giovanni-Batista Montini, who became Pope Paul VI, had a history of turpitude of behaviour which ought, if Catholic principle had ruled the business of canonisation after 1983, have precluded any prospect of him ever being raised to the Church's altars.† more

XVI. The Problem with Canonisations since Vatican II

A matter of grave concern to orthodox Catholics is the cavalier manner in which candidates have been promoted to the ranks of the blessed or of the saints since the reign of Pope John Paul II.† In fact the problem first arose during the reign of his predecessor, Paul VI, and its fons et origo is the ersatz Council that Pope endorsed, Vatican II.† Here we explore the inevitable consequences of the adoption by popes and bishops of false philosophy, then labouring to accommodate the Church's teaching to that philosophy.† more

XVII. Lent & the Sexually Perverted

Lent in the year of Our Lord 2023 is especially important as Catholic mark the slide from the natural, and Catholic, principle thas has occurred over the last seventy years.† more

XVIII. Denigration of the Limbus Puerorum

The Limbo of children, the place of children who die unbaptised, has been part of the Church's theological tradition since before the time of St Augustine, the severity of whose views, and those of other theologians on the topic, was ameliorated somewhat by Pope Innocent III in 1206.† This teaching had been maintained in the Church for some 750 years until theologians who had fallen under the influence of Vatican II sought to amend it.† There is no reason why it should be altered, no reason why conjecture over what Almighty God may do in His absolute power should be given theological authority.† more

XIX. Ten Condemnations of Pius VI Applicable to the Vatican Synod 1962 - 1965

In August, 1794, in his bull Auctorem Fidei, Pope Pius VI condemned 84 propositions of the pseudo-synod of Pistoia.† Much of what he had to say there is applicable to the determinations of the bishops of Vatican II. Here we consider ten of them.† more